User Access Override

You can allow or deny users access to certain pages that they may not otherwise have access to.

  • Navigate to the page you wish to modify page access overrides for
  • Click Page -> User access overrides...

    User Access Overrides
  • This will open the "Manage User Access Overrides" screen for that page
  • To give a user access override, click "Add"
  • Click on the user you wish to give access override to and click "Choose"

      Give User Access Override

  • You will be asked to assign a level of access to this user. Your choices are: Content Editor, Content Creator and Content Publisher
  • Once you have granted an access level, click Apply (or click Cancel to abort the operation)
  • You are brought back to the "Manage User Access Overrides" screen where the new user has been added to the list of user access overrides
  • You can click "Add" to add another user or you can click "Finished" to return to the page you were on