Create a New Page

How to Create a New Page

  • Click on Page -> New page...

    Add a New Page
  • This will bring up the "Create a Page" window

    Create a New Page Screen
  • Select a Page template - a template that determines the look of a page
  • Enter a Page heading - the text to use for page headings, which appear on pages near the top
  • Leaving the check-box selected will automatically create a page title and navigation text from the page heading. If you would like these to be different, you can uncheck the box, and make your changes
  • Click Generate an automatic web address to create an address from the page heading, you can modify this address as well
  • You can edit the visibility of the page via the visibility tab
  • The Meta data tab allows you to enter specific Meta data for  the page
  • the Feed data tab allows you to specify feed data for the page, used for RSS
  • Click Create. You will be redirected to the new page where you can start adding and editing content