Change Visibility of a Page

There are three different possible visibility states for a page:

Normal - a page that is accessible by its address and can be viewed by anyone.
This option has granular control: unless unchecked the page will appear in the: Site Navigation, Sitemap, Search results and RSS feeds.

Most of your pages will have normal visibility. News releases are a great example of pages that wouldn't have normal visibility. Normally, you wouldn't want these to show up in the regular navigation. In this case, you can simply uncheck the Site Navigation and Sitemap checkboxes. Leaving the Search Results checkbox selected means that these news items are still searchable by users.

Hidden - a page that is only accessible by its address, it does not show up in the Site Generated Navigation, Sitemap, Search Results or XML Sitemap.

Hidden pages are useful for things such as a page intended to be used as a results page for a particular application, such as Event Calendar or Job Listings.

Locked - a page that is not accessible by its address and does not appear in site-generated navigation. Only users logged into OneWeb can access a locked page.

You may want to lock a page if it contains obsolete information, or information that is intended for a future release date.

Note that if you hide or lock a page, you the Display order option in the Navigation menu will not be available, since the page will no longer be part of the site navigation.

You can change the visibility of a page in a number of ways:

Method 1: Through the Navigation Section of the OneWeb Toolbar

  • Click on Navigation -> Page visibility

    Page Visibility
  • Select whether you want your page to be visible, hidden or locked.

    Page Visibility Screen
  • When you have completed your modifications select, "Update" to save your changes, or "Cancel" to cancel your updates and return to the page

Method 2: Through the Page Properties/Modify a page function

  • Click on Page -> Modify (or choose Page > Properties and then select the "Modify" button at the bottom of the page)

    Modify Page
  • Navigate to the "Visibility" tab (same as above)
  • From here you would follow the same steps as Method 1 for modifying your page visibility