Create Hyperlink to Documents

Document media files are added to your content by creating a hyperlink.

  • First you must be in the edit screen of a content block
  • Type and then highlight the text you want to be your link
  • Click the media manager icon on your editing toolbar which will open your media library

Insert Media

  • Find the document you want to link and select it by clicking it once in the list
  • The right hand side of the window will show the properties of the file you are about to link to
  • The text you entered for your hyperlink should automatically appear in the field "Link text"
  • Documents should open within the same window, and will do so by keeping the default 'Opens in a new window?' box unchecked.

  • When you have finished modifying the embed parameters of your file, click "Insert". The media manager will close and you will be returned to the edit screen of your content block and your new link will be added.