Add a New User

  • Site > Users

    Site > Users
  • Click the Add button to bring up the Create User window

    Add User Screen
  • Enter a “Username” (this must be 3 characters or more)
  • Create a “Password” for the new user. (this should be 6 characters or more, containing letters and numbers, no special characters)
  • Enter the password you created again in the “Confirmation“ field.
  • Enter the “First Name”and “Last Name” of the user
  • Also enter their “Email address”, this email will be used if the user forgets their password in the future
  • Set the required “Default access” for this user
  • Select if you want to “Grant access to”  this site or all sites. All sites only applies if you have the ability to create child sites
  • Select "Allow access to HTML mode" to give the user access to view/edit the html of content blocks they are editing
  • Select "Hide from workflow notification list" to hide this user from the available users to send notifications to on the Notes page or the Promote page
  • If the user is a web developer, select the "Developer" checkbox to ensure they have the proper access to make changes.
  • If you do not want the user to have access to the site click “Disable this user account”. It is better to disable users as opposed to deleting them so their username is still referenced in the audit log, etc. You can enable it later, if desired.