To allow users to utilize the extranet, the user must be given access to the extranet so s/he is able to create Groups, Members, and add Documents inside the Extranet.

  • Select the Users menu option from the Site menu.


  • Find the user you wish to give Extranet permissions to and select the row for this user. 
  • Select the Modify option from the context sensitive menu.


  • From the Modify Users screen, select the 'Add'l Access' tab. From here, you can specify the Extranet permissions.

      Additional Access Tab

  • Check all that apply and press the Update button.
  • If Cancel is selected, you are led to the User Listings screen without assigning any Extranet permissions.

The Manage Members, Manage Groups, and Manage Page Restrictions options are for people that will setup groups, pages for groups, and assign members to groups. In most cases only one person will have access to these options. The Manage Documents option could be for more than one person, if it is necessary.