Create an Anchor

An anchor link provides a shortcut to a specific spot on the page you are viewing. A “Back to top” button, for example, is an anchor link that links you to the top of the page.

There are two steps for creating anchor links

1. Creating the anchor. The anchor is where visitors will end up when they click on the anchor link and,
2. Creating the link to the anchor.

To create the anchor

  • Place your cursor at the beginning of the text you wish to be the anchor, or the destination that users end up if they click on an anchor tag (if you want an anchor at the top of your page, put your cursor at the very top of the content block, prior to any text)
  • Once the cursor is in place, click the “Hyperlink” button on the r.a.d. toolbar and then click on the “Anchor” tab

Create a Hyperlink

  • Enter a name for your anchor (i.e. top). OneWeb automatically adds in "#" that makes an anchor function properly. Note: spaces are not permitted in the anchor name. Instead, use dashes (e.g. top-of-page).

  • Press OK and your anchor will be created - Please note: that the anchor itself will not be marked out or labeled in any way

Create the link to the anchor

  • Highlight the text you wish to become the link (i.e. "Back to top")
  • Open the hyperlink pop-up by clicking the hyperlink icon on your toolbar
  • On the hyperlink tab you will see a drop-down field labeled "Existing anchor"
  • Opening this drop-down will show you all the anchors currently set on this page. Just choose the anchor name you want from the drop-down list by clicking it once

  • Press "OK" to save your link