Editing Content Blocks

  • Hover over the content block to bring up the overlay
  • Click on Content -> Edit...

    Edit Content
  • The screen will refresh and the content block will be provided in edit mode

    Edit Mode
  • You can now place your mouse inside the content block to type or remove text that already exists in the block.
  • Clicking on the toolbar icon will open the r.a.d. toolbar. This can be used for further formatting, such as adding a heading, bolding or italicizing text

    Edit Content - Toolbar
  • Selecting "Save" from the content's menu will cause the content block changes to save – however, they will not be published. Selecting "Cancel" will cancel all changes and return the content block to regular mode, instead of edit mode
  • When the content is adequate, if your access permits you do to so, you can publish the changes. Go to the content menu and select "Publish".
  • Users with lower access levels will have the option to "Promote", which will indicate to managers that content is ready and waiting to be published