Known Issues & Workarounds

Though it's close, OneWeb isn't perfect. There are small glitches that come up from time to time. Here is a list of known issues with OneWeb 7 and work-arounds, where applicable:

Media Manager

  • Issue: When working in IE8, when you are editing a content block and bring up the Media Manager to upload a file, it doesn't work properly.

    Simply shut down Media Manager and re-open it. This will fix the problem and you will be able to access Media Manager and upload files without any problems.
  • Issue: When working in Chrome, an issue occurs when in edit mode, if you choose an image to insert from Media Manager and assign the left alignment attribute to it. Once the image has been inserted/placed, if you select the image and then select the 'img_left' CSS style from the drop-down, the image is deleted.

    Rather than assigning this CSS style using the drop-down box, right click on the image, select properties, and then apply the style using the drop-down box in the pop-up properties screen.
  • Issue: Once an image has been uploaded, the Media Manager does not take you directly to the location of that file, making the user scroll through all files until they find the file.

    Work-around: You must manually scroll through the files and folders to find your most recent upload

Editor Toolbar

  • Issue: In Firefox 3.5 when trying to cut/copy/paste from the RAD editor, a message pops up saying 'Use Keyboard shortcut ctrl+c to copy.'

    Workaround: This will not be fixed as behavior of browsers is by design.
  • Issue: When editing content in Firefox and IE9, when enter is  pressed a space (&nbsp) appears between <p> tags in HTML view. The space is evident when back in design view.

    Work-around: Go to HTML view and manually remove the space
  • Issue: In Internet Explorer 8, when using the Editor’s spell checker tool on content blocks with lots of text, it will scroll the view to the bottom of the page so that the misspelled word will no longer be in the current view.

    Simply manually scroll up to reveal the word.

  • Issue: When using Internet Explorer 8, if the you right click to bring up the properties of items such as tables, links and images, the context menu may appear in an incorrect position on the screen.

    Note: This doesn't affect the use of this feature, it is simply a glitch.

  • Issue: Using the ‘Paste from Word, strip font’ feature does not modify or strip the paragraph styles. While this is by design, font styles that are embedded within the paragraph style will remain and this may not be desired.

    Note: Using the 'Paste Plain Text' feature, or first pasting into Notepad, and then manually applying styles is always best practice.

  • Issue: The image resizer handles of a selected image in edit mode remain visible even when the image properties window is displayed above it.

    Note: This does not affect the way you interact with the image.


  • Issue: Sometimes, when a browser is updated, it will cause some oddities with OneWeb such as content blocks disappearing or misplaced menus.

    Try reverting back (or "downgrading") to a previous version of the browser or use another supported browser until the issue has been fixed.

  • Issue: Every now and then, for reason unknown, when trying to edit a content block, a message will appear in the bottom right hand corner to tell you that the action could not be completed due to a page reload. When this happens, it is not possible to edit content.

    This issue often resolves itself. However, a quick-fix is to restart OneWeb. Unless you have a user access level of System Administrator, you should contact ISL client services to do this for you. If you do have a user access level of system administrator, you can follow these steps:

    Under the Administration menu, click on System > Diagnostics > Process information. On this screen there will be a button to restart OneWeb.

  • Issue: In edit mode, if an image is not selected when you right-click to bring up the properties, any settings changed within the properties window will not get applied.

    Work-around: Make sure you first select the image – by clicking on it – before you right-click.

  • Issue: When using Internet Explorer and Firefox, when you enter content in a table cell and press the Enter key, it adds a paragraph tag. This is expected behaviour, but removing this content does not remove the paragraph tag.

    Work-around: To remove this paragraph spacking, you will need to remove the <p> tags and replace with <br /> tags where applicable using HTML edit mode. If that is Greek to you, you will need to delete the row and recreate it, being sure to use Shift+Enter to create a line break rather than just the Enter key.

  • Issue: Using Internet Explorer 8 in protected mode will limit your ability to upload files.

    Work-around: Be sure to add your site to the Trusted Sites list in Internet Explorer.

  • Issue: The Link colour and style default to blue when in edit mode using Firefox 3.x.
  • Issue: Having a floated table as the only content in a content block, gives an issue where you can't find the right block to edit as the content blocks all seem to merge together. 

    Technically, the problem is that the table within the content block is aligned left which, with current HTML standards, means that the table becomes floated to the left (similar to the way in which an image can be floated within a block of text). This removes the table from the document positioning.  When the table is floated, it no longer has an effect on the height calculation of the content block, which means the content block suddenly has 0 (zero) height.  With zero height, the following two blocks are shifted up as well, and thus their overlays appear above that of the block with the table.